How to activate the SIM card?

A detailed description of how to proceed can be found here zde.

How to check my credit?

Send SMS with text KREDIT to 778 820 880 and you will receive the message with credit balance. You cab check the credit balance also at customer care number  778 820 880.

I ordered a SIM card and it still did not arrive. How do I find the order status?

To check the status of the SIM card, you need to call the customer line at 778 820 880 and communicate your name on which the SIM card should be sent. The customer line operator then searches for the order and communicates shipping information.

Please note that the name given in the order must be the name given on the mailbox where the shipment is to be delivered. If this is not the case, the SIM card can not be delivered.

I want to use the internet, but I can not turn it on. What can I do?

To use the Internet on your mobile phone with the KORUNA MOBIL SIM card, you first need to change the Internet settings in your phone according to the following table.

internet settings MMS settings
Name korunamobil internet korunamobil mms
APN internet mms
User name / Password – / – mms / mms
Homepage / MMS Server http://mms
Proxy (mms) server
Port proxy (mms) server 80
APN Type default mms
What the pricing 60+1, 60+60 mean?

Numbers 60+1 or 60+60 indicate the tariffs charged to customers for calls. All numbers are seconds. The first number indicates how the first minute is charged. The second number means calling the call from the second minute onwards.

For example: 60 + 1, the first minute is charged as a whole, followed by seconds.

I'm not able to send SMS messages, what should I do?

Tto use the KORUNA MOBIL SMS service, you must have the SMS center number set on your mobile device at: +420 603 052 000.

I can not send / receive MMS. What should I do?

For MMS to work properly, you need to have mobile data turned on and not to be connected over a Wi-Fi network (this is a general smartphone feature) when sending or receiving MMS.

So make sure you have mobile data on your phone turned on and set the APN for MMS.

If you have a credit of less than 25 CZK, we automatically block your mobile data so that you do not rely on credit in negative numbers if you use mobile data. You need to recharge credit.