About prepaid services of KORUNA MOBIL

From September 2015 Private Mobile (Private Mobile a.s., ID: 26776642, with its registered office: Martinická 987/3, Kbely, 197 00 Praha 9) offers mobile and voice services under the brand name KORUNA MOBIL.

KORUNA MOBIL is a MVNO operating in the T-Mobile network and specializing in the prepaid card market.

As the name suggests, KORUNA MOBIL offers calls at a great price of CZK 1 / min. Why is it so unique? This price is valid for all networks within the Czech Republic, anytime, anywhere. It is not subject to charging, as is often the case with other operators.

In addition to great calling rates, KORUNA MOBIL offers a good price for SMS and, of course, other services – internet and international calls. It then depends only on you which of them and how you will benefit from it.

For more information about KORUNA MOBIL, you can contact KORUNA MOBIL customer line +420 778 820 880, which is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.